Mind Tech, Inc. 

Healthcare System

Mind Tech  helps healthcare and life sciences organizations to increase operational efficiencies, reduce administrative and delivery cost, and enhance patient health and wellness through patient-centric processes and inter-operable methods

DaMarkin - Web Design & Development

Mind Tech  helps our client in entire Software Development, and execute it in all disciplines, such as Scheduling, Project Risk Management, and Training besides offering specific project related services, such as reviews, value engineering and cost estimation. This is offered as comprehensive packages governing an entire project from start to finish, or as any combination of services that meets your needs.

Sengage - TheNextCommunityMessenger

Sengage is the Community Messenger. It  connect people in need with resources from individual, government and community organizations providing opportunities for life transformation, community involvement, and personal development, while improving quality of life.
•Primary focus on bridging the gap between technology and social acceptance
•Community, meets Messenger.. a social transformation
•Mapping Social Actions to Strategic Reactive Solutions
•Evidences into Actions

Insurance Systems

In today's scenario, Insurers face issues like globalization, growing demand for web based services, regulatory demands, security threats and outsourcing. We understand the needs of the industry and offer Innovative Solutions which are unique, optimal and customer focused.

Retail System

 At Mind Tech we support retail organizations - traditional, eRetail or catalog - to achieve competitive advantages in their businesses through excellence in technology, process, industry insights and outsourcing modules. Our customized solutions covers every aspect of retail, be it merchandizing, store operations or customer relationship management.