EForce ECommerce

EForce Ecommerce is modern day ECommerce site which is catering to the different goods segment in the marketplace. Mind Tech team is working with the client to develop the next generation system. With the Cloud system, innovative  distribution management system, Secured Payment Gateway Mind Tech team is helping client built Robust system.

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Mind Tech Inc helps our client in building the entire Software from scratch. Mind Tech Team involves in the development from the requirement gathering to the finished product. Our co-operative resources are involved in the every aspect of the Software Development.


Mind Tech resources are working with our clients to build up the state of the art systems. Our resources are helping our client build up the system as per their requirements. Our teams excellent technical knowledge is helping our clients built their systems efficiently.

Mind Tech, Inc. 

Nine to One

Mind Tech helping the clients to develop the Bleek application which is a real-time, personalized marketing platform. The Bleek is helping client to Create a Proximity Marketing campaign, Defining campaign objectives, Planning the campaign, Getting the messaging right, Measuring and optimizing campaigns.